Events – Marketing – Sales – Publicity – Logistics

Site Selection

We have over 75 years of combined experience navigating the wonderfully unique cities of North America and know the best locations to host events. In particular, we specialize in the Chicagoland area. Destination management is an art form and should not be taken lightly in the planning process. We have a network of experienced professionals who are always ready to assist with your specific needs. Need help navigating the event scene in Chicago? Contact us today.

Contract Negotiation

The details in fine print is often where an event can be made profitable or unprofitable. We have worked in hospitality industry since the 1980’s and know where properties need to stand firm and where they can be flexible. We understand and bond with these professionals due to our many years of on-the-job experience in those positions. Formally trained as communicators, Barton Event Management can formulate agreements to help you navigate the legalities. Contact us today.

Meeting Planning

A successful event begins with a solid and extensively detailed plan. When we plan events, the orders and specifications number in hundreds of pages because we specify everything in advance. This includes event schedules, resumes, banquet event orders, room sets, floor plans and audio/visual (A/V) design. Hospitality and event professionals appreciate working with us because we partner with them from the beginning. We always make plans to avoid over-working partners with unnecessary changes and unrealistic time constraints. A/V companies also appreciate our attention to available space so rooms can be set once and left in place throughout the event thus eliminating errors.

Onsite Logistics Execution

Executing event logistics is where the rubber meets the road. So much of event planning lies within the specifications and we stand ready to assist onsite. This does require much management and oversight with long hours but there is no substitute for a well-trained team onsite. We also know how to be seen and found onsite with special strategies that allow our team to liaison with your attendees, exhibitors and volunteers. Often known as the mobile “Ask Me” source our team of experts is always there to assist. In fact, our team is often involved with onsite-only assignments for large, well-established events that just need extra boots on the ground.

Audio/Visual Design and Management

The technology experience delivered at events is more important than ever before. Attendees expectations about connectivity, sound quality, visual art and accessibility are sky high and those expectations are justified. We are in the technology age and attendees should not feel like they are giving anything up by attending your event. This applies to Wi-Fi, social media engagement, high-fidelity sound, high-definition screening, production precision, smart device meeting apps, exceptional entertainers and more. This means your management team is required to stay relevant in this space so your event is not left behind. Another aspect relates to cost and the knowledge to know what is the right application at the right time. Total event profitability can be won and lost in this area so consult with one of our experts today.

Marketing and Publicity

We begin by analyzing your current event marketing and publicity programs to develop new ways to improve your company’s image in your targeted marketplaces. After researching the internal situation, we look outward at the competitive landscape to begin analyzing your place within. Based on this research, we create a matrix of strategic initiatives and identify potential voids in the marketplace. We will also identify specific messaging and the various marketing channels available and at what cost those can be attained. Pricing and benefits i.e. the value proposition to buyers will be developed at this time as well.

We have over 40 years of experience working with news media and our team is accredited by the Public Relations Society of North America. Whether it is a simple task such as writing press releases or developing a fully integrated program,we can help.

Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales

We have an outstanding record of selling out exhibitions for non-profits, association annual conferences, public trade shows and corporate meetings. Every event needs multiple sources of revenue and we can help you find and follow the money.

We accomplish this through a research model that establishes a matrix of competitors, target markets and the messages being used in the marketplace. Once we take a “watchtower” view of the landscape, we can help you find new opportunity and positioning to make your event relevant. We then take a “fishbowl” view of your organization to validate your brand, messaging and market position.

We are excellent communicators and can effectively demonstrate how your event is relevant and where you can find an advantage. We have learned through many years of having “boots on the ground” that when you work hard and correctly prioritize prospects, it is easier to follow the money and generate revenue for your event.

One of Alexander’s greatest qualities is his ability to adapt and learn which keeps him current and vital as well as delightful to partner on any sales project. I highly recommend him.

Calvin Trout

Managing Partner, Calvin D. Trout & Associates

Thank you Dick for coordinating the entire event. It was a huge success thanks to you and now many many children will see the direct benefit. Thanks again for your tireless efforts on behalf of Seleh Freedom and your generosity with your time and skills. I truly enjoyed the opportunity and the experience.

Dave Weinbach

Pickleball Pro