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We are your full-service resource for event management, marketing, and meeting logistics execution specializing in all types of events i.e., virtual, hybrid, in-person, and more. Beginning with the digital platform and site selection, our contract negotiation skills are unmatched and we help you navigate around the pitfalls that could make your event unprofitable. We are devoted to growing your event with marketing, sales, and publicity tactics that generate revenue from exhibits, sponsorships, advertising, attendance, professional development, and more.

Our advance planning model creates all the specifications from the event schedule, room sets, catering, banquets, audio/visual design, and security. We have relationships with national entertainment acts and award-winning speakers as well as some of the best local talents in the Chicago area. When you work with us, you don’t have to be concerned with quality or safety since we have a proven track record of attention to detail with a flair for creativity.

We also have an outstanding record of selling out events for non-profits, association annual conferences, public trade shows, and corporate meetings. We accomplish this through a research model that establishes a matrix of competitors, target markets, and the messaging currently being used in the marketplace. We are excellent communicators and can effectively demonstrate how your event is relevant and where you can find an advantage. We have learned through many years of having “boots on the ground” that when you correctly prioritize prospects, it is easier to follow the money and generate revenue for your event.

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Our agency has been incorporated in the State of Illinois since 1996. We have always been based in the Chicago area serving non-profits, associations, corporations and municipalities with events, marketing, sales, publicity and logistics. We are also proud residents and business owners in Park Ridge, IL. Our team has over 75 years of combined experience.

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Successful event logistics begins with a solid and extensively detailed plan. When we plan events, the orders and specifications number in hundreds of pages because we specify everything in advance. This includes event schedules, resumes, banquet event orders, room sets, floor plans and audio/visual (A/V) design. Hospitality and event professionals appreciate working with us because we partner with them from the beginning.

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Our core competencies include events, marketing, sales, publicity and logistics. Event marketing, sales and publicity have been our strengths from the beginning but executing event logistics is where the rubber meets the road. So much of our event planning model lies within the specifications and we stand ready to assist onsite. This does require management and oversight with long hours but there is no substitute for a well-trained team onsite.

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We have over 75 years of combined experience working with news media and our team is accredited by the Public Relations Society of North America. Whether it is copywriting, writing press releases or developing a fully integrated program, we can help. We also have an outstanding record of selling out exhibitions for non-profits, association annual conferences, public trade shows and corporate meetings.

We appreciate your responsiveness and professionalism onsite during the Joint Conference and for your support in the pre-conference planning process. Patricia Appelhans JD

Chief Executive Officer, Association of Professional Chaplains

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