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We specialize in revenue generation for non-profit foundations and charities. We served as the Director of Business Development for the Agronomic Science Foundation (ASF). This involved working with donors who support the foundation through monetary gifts which are used to establish rewards, scholarships and lectureships at the annual meetings. It also involved grant writing for funding available through corporations and government agencies.

For the ASF, we created a new brand for one of the most popular funds. The fund is called the Golden Opportunity Scholars Institute which was founded to develop scientific talent for agronomy, crops and soils. Currently, there are not enough young scientists to take the place of the ones who are retiring so the Golden Opportunity Scholars Institutes offers scholarships and awards to entice undergraduate students to study agronomy, crops and soils. The scholarship brings them to the annual meeting and pairs them up with a member who becomes a mentor to the young scholar. This process helps them decide on graduate school, internships and making connections for jobs.

We saw that there was a need to develop an easily recognizable brand where members could relate the benefits of the program. So we created a brand based around the golden delicious apple which is often thought about with education. We also incorporated a "graduation hat" as well. This worked two-fold when we decided to give away golden delicious apples at the annual meetings. If you have ever been to a convention center, you probably know that sometimes it is difficult to find fresh fruit which helped make the apple giveaway that much more popular. During the first year, we helped raise $25,000 and gave away over 20 bushels of apples!

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